Key Focus Areas
Sustainable Ecosystems:

Championing initiatives that span the complete food chain– from its production to distribution and consumption – all geared towards promoting sustainability at every step.

Holistic Health & Wellbeing:

Endeavours that embrace health in its entirety, from physical to mental spheres, challenging the confines of traditional healthcare methodologies.

Empowering Financial Systems:

A renewed perspective on financial interactions, emphasizing transparent, inclusive, and malleable models that resonate with a global audience.

Diverse Education:

Infusing the educational realm with breakthrough technologies and methodologies that cater to an expansive spectrum of learning needs.

Human-centric Technologies:

Pioneering tech-driven innovations that seamlessly integrate ethical considerations, placing humans at the very core of their design and function.

0.1Founders with Broader Vision

At GAIN 2.0, we're searching for founders with a broad outlook who bring unique business models to the table and appreciate the vast potential of collaboration. Joining our fold means access to unparalleled resources, expertise, and a dynamic network of changemakers.

0.2Co-founders Beyond Singular Goals

We value co-founders as genuine partners. Those who bring diverse skills and share our vision of collaboration will find themselves bridging ventures and amplifying solutions on a global scale within our ecosystem.

0.3Universities/R&D Centres with Interdisciplinary IP

Our doors are open to pioneering research institutions. Those with the foresight to see how one innovation can impact multiple sectors can bring their research from theory to practice in our collaborative environment, ensuring holistic and transformative solutions.