We are entrepreneurs and makers. We like to solve problems and make things happen.
We invest in impactful ventures, meaningful businesses, and great people. We are hands on and close by to make sure everything we engage maximizes its true potential.


is our underlying principle. We believe in the collective power of interdisciplinary teams that share common vision, passion, and values and strive to make an impact in their community, in society and beyond. 
We share our personal knowledge, experience, and expertise to all of the people in our venture ecosystem. We strongly believe that the growth of everyone on a personal and also professional level will be positively reflected in the ventures we build and support. We help each other grow, evolve and learn by challenging what we know and looking things in new perspectives.

minimize risk.
maximize success.

Having been in those different types of shoe styles and sizes, we  understand what it really takes. Apart from access to knowledge and skills not usually accesible to entrepreneurs and early stage companies we add in the elements required in each case that would transform a great potential to a tangible commercial reality. 


Design and develop digital products like a professional UX/UI and Software house


Market and promote products like a top noch marketing agency


Operate seamlessly and plan for profit, scaling up and future financing 




A full stack agency providing services consulting and implementation services in marketing, communication and technology.



A marketplace solution for the death care industry enabling people in need to find funeral homes, emotional and legal support.

11 Pets

11 Pets

A tech company providing solutions and products to the pet industry so that individuals and business can improve the lives of their pets



Tech company operating in the beauty and wellness industry enabling business between consumers and business owners.



An innovative company which aims to offer an innovative employment, management, and business philosophy by fostering connections between stakeholders at various levels of the market and offering them the tools needed to develop and excel.



A technology company that aspires to streamline administration and accounting for self employed, freelancers and micro businesses by developing tech solutions, tools and providing access to professional services. 


A platform for educating, empowering and rewarding citizens for their consumer choices with the objective to promote a more sustainable future based on the principles of circular economy.

A platform for empowering local communities to create fresh produce to cover the needs of the communities with no transport, less packaging, lower costs and carbon footprint.

A project that redefines bread supply chains, lowering carbon footprint and gives access to consumers to artisanal high quality bread.

Our story

GAIN is the self-formed result of the long history of its co-founders Antonis Neocleous and George Iacovou. Antonis and George go way back. Born back in 1977 with just 6 days apart they met at six and then they have been part of each other's business and professional life. Apart from the coincidence they both share the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. They have founded businesses separately and together, have worked in corporate environment, invested in companies and pitched and received funding for their ventures. 

They have been on all sides of the table and through the years and their collective expertise and knowledge, they know what is needed to build great companies from the ground up.


Feel free to reach out - We are open to meet to discuss ideas and future co-operations. We evaluate all opportunities that come to us and we provide our honest feedback.